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Building Custom CentOS 6.4 LiveCD With Ansible

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LiveCDs can be a big help when you need to do a task that cannot be executed from within OS for some reason. Resizing partitions, changing passwords and firmware updates – is just the beginning of the list. It is especially welcome when your machine cannot boot from network ( PXE ).

There are lot of very good options like Knoppix, Parted Magic or LiveCDs of popular distributions. But there are cases when you need custom LiveCD with your scripts, packages and preinstalled software. Ability to modify root partition using writable snapshot on livecd, allows you to add software and modify configuration on the fly.

Setting Up Time Machine and AFP Shares on Ubuntu With Ansible

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Recently I wanted to test latest version of netatalk 3.0 on my Ubuntu Box. Unfortunately the latest binary version available for Ubuntu 12.04 is netatalk 2.2.1 from netatalk 2.X branch. As a result I came to do a little Ansible playbook that installs Netatalk 3.0.6 automatically. This article shows how to use Ansible playbook to compile, install and configure Netatalk on your machine or test latest version of Netatalk using Vagrant and VirtualBox for different Linux Distributions.